Current Projects for the Writing Community

These are some current projects/prompts going on in the community right now. Please remember to use proper tags appropriate to each project for your prose and poetry pieces if you decide to participate in any of these projects, and do not use the tag #twcp.

If you’ve created a project/prompt for the Tumblr writing community and you’ve made sure there’s as much information as possible stated in the post and that there is an appropriate tag, then use the #twcp tag so that we can find your post easily. [Note: if you’ve already published your post and go back to just add the #twcp tag, your post may not show up. You may have to post it again, and not as a reblog. We apologize for Tumblr’s occasional bitchery.]

Become the Tree

  • Suggested by Lillian at Spilled Ink
  • Deadline is November 31
  • Appropriate tag: #becomethetree
  • Essentially, write a prose or poetry piece personal to you of a time when you had to bare all and be naked to those around you (envision a tree in autumn/winter losing all of its leaves).
  • Do not submit links for this project. Pieces will only be reblogged from the above tag.

Future Appreciation

  • Suggested by Bethany at Spilled Ink
  • Deadline is November 31
  • Appropriate tag: #futureappreciation
  • Essentially, write a prose or poetry piece of something in the future that you believe you will be thankful for. Try and keep the pieces personal so really think about what little thing would be special or mean something to you that hasn’t happened yet. [Little things only. No births, marriages, graduations, etcetera.]
  • Click here for an example by Lillian and Bethany.
  • Do not submit links for this project. Pieces will only be reblogged from the above tag.

5 out of 100

  • Suggested by Lillian
  • Use the following five words in a poetry/prose piece: labyrinthine, moiety, quintessential, umbrella, scintilla
  • Definitions can be found in the main post right here.
  • Appropriate tag: #5outof100

Love Song for Katie

  • Suggested by Kate
  • Deadline is TOMORROW. Spilled Ink will post a few of our favorites throughout the day so you still have plenty of time to post.
  • Appropriate tag: #lovesongforkatie
  • "I want you to write a love song for me, and Jen, or me AND Jen. Or just me. Or just Jen. Or some other person and tell us you wrote them Just For Us. Because that’s awesome.”

You’re Better Than You Think You Are

  • Suggested by Gary
  • Apparently this is now closed but I found it on BurningMuse and she gave the wonderful suggestion of still using it as a prompt. So, we at Spilled Ink are now tracking this project and will be reblogging pieces from it. Even if you don’t write anything for it, go explore the tag yourself. There is some amazing poetry and prose there.
  • Appropriate tag: #you’rebetterthanyouthinkyouare [don’t forget to include the apostrophe!]
  • Write yourself a compliment. No one knows you better than you. No one knows, better than you, what you absolutely suck at. So it should be the same thing the other way around. The purpose is, well- to be uplifting and shit. To make yourself feel better, and if nothing else- it’s a free pass to be narcissistic, vain and self centered.” [Click here for more details please.]

Vices and Virtues

  • Suggested by Noelle
  • Appropriate tags: #burningmuse & #vicesandvirtues
  • "Simply write about any experience [doesn’t have to be from childhood] that has had a profound [or amusing] effect on your personality/ behavior/ beliefs/ habits/ outlook—especially related to values, strengths, qualities, or flaws that have influenced who you have become." [Click here for more details please.]

Shadows On The Cave Wall

  • Suggested by Noelle
  • Appropriate tags: #burningmuse & #shadowsonthecavewall
  • "Write a piece about seeing the world [a person, place, or thing] from a different perspective. Examples would be: A personal experience, conversation, a news story that blew your mind, writing fiction from the point of view you would not usually express." [Click here for more details please.]

Questions, comments, corrections to any of the above projects, etcetera etcetera, should be sent here. Feel free to reblog this post (you can condense it so it’s not so very long) so that we can get as much participation for these projects/prompts as possible!

-Spilled Ink Mods
(Note: You could even reblog this and save it to your drafts, instead of publishing it, so that you have it handy for some writing ideas when/if you get stuck one night.) 

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