TWCP: Tumblr Writing Community Projects


So here we are, introducing yet another tag we want you to track! #TWCP

This tag is a very limited tag. It is to be used solely for projects created by those in the writing community. Spilled Ink and Burning Muse (go follow and support this new blog aiming to help the community!) post a good amount of projects and so this tag will bring all of them together. This is not to say that only these two blogs can use the tag. If you put out a project for the writing community, even if your blog is only a personal blog (like Travis for example and his Obsessed with Words project), then tag it with #TWCP!

The thing about this tag, though, is that it is (yes we’re repeating ourselves, but we want to make this clear) SOLELY for projects. Do not post your poetry and prose pieces and tag them with #TWCP. If you decide you want to use this tag for your own project we ask that you PLEASE have a tag ready for people to use.

So, for example: Spilled Ink puts out a project for November. We create a post, fill in all of the details (if there are any deadlines, requirements, requests, etc.), we tag that post with #TWCP but then within the post we’ve already explained that we want anyone who’s decided to participate to use the tag #spilledinknovember. And that second tag, the one that is specific to the title of the project, that is the one we’d be tracking and reblogging from.

Because we really do not want the #TWCP tag to become cluttered we have decided that when we are looking for pieces to reblog concerning any projects that are out, we will go to the project specific tag. If something is tagged with #TWCP as well, we will not reblog it. So basically what we’re asking you to do here is pay attention and follow the directions.

Concerning people who want to use the #TWCP tag for their own projects, we ask that you include as many details as possible. Like we’ve already said, please state any deadlines if they exist, requirements for project participants, a separate tag for the particular project, etcetera.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions (not just about this new tag, but about Spilled Ink in general) please let us know!

- Spilled Ink

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2 years ago